Exclusive investments transforming the workplace

Individuals spend more than a third of their lives at work. We believe our unique, out-of-round deal flow gives strategic investors the opportunity to make an impact in the workplace benefits and people development sectors.

market insights,
and beyond

Our consulting engagements give us insight and access to investment opportunities within the businesses we partner with. This proprietary deal pipeline aspires to deliver strong returns. It’s a model that works. Let’s put it to work for you. 

Investment opportunities transforming the workplace

Our propriety and differentiated approach to deal sourcing enables Archetype with a first-mover advantage in establishing partnerships with prospective portfolio companies before they are in market with a capital need.

Real growth through robust partnership

We’re dedicated to going beyond the standard network and operating partnerships of traditional funds. Our team brings a dynamic blend of product and distribution expertise and has honed creating growth and building exceptional products for our consulting clients and portfolio companies. 

Our ecosystem is built for your success

We’ve built an ecosystem of consulting clients, growth-stage companies, investors, and advisors to perpetuate the growth of every stakeholder involved. Everyone benefits. Everyone sees success.

See what makes Archetype exceptional

Watch our video to learn how our diverse backgrounds lend to a unique perspective on product development and investing.

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