Connecting the Dots

Validating Productivity Claims in Employee Benefit Solutions  By Steve Herman | July 2024  Many employee benefits solutions promise to boost productivity, reduce absenteeism, and positively impact an employer’s bottom line. However, there is often a gap between these claims and measurable outcomes, which can limit solutions ability to make a compelling ROI case to brokers […]

Putting Patient Trust First

Incentive alignment in value-based models  By Jack Roland | July 2024   If you’re familiar with value-based care (VBC) models, you know two things:   Preventative measures improve patient outcomes.  Ascribing value and intention within VBC models is wildly complicated.  As we dig into VBC attribution, complexity continues to ramp up. Experts are constantly looking to […]

Case Study: Augmenting Provider Capacity with Voice Dictation

Challenge: Staff is overwhelmed due to administrative tasks    The healthcare industry faces a growing demand for care, but limited staff capacity due to administrative burden. Archetype’s client, a national home health care provider, found caregivers spent 70% of their day on administrative tasks like writing session notes. This reduces time spent delivering care and contributes […]

Winning Workplace Wellness

Three game-changing initiatives for employers  By Camryn Suntha | July 2024  Workplace culture is at a turning point: 40% of US employees feel that their job negatively impacts their mental health. Additionally, less than 25% of US workers believe that their organization cares about their well-being. That is a 50% decrease from pre-pandemic levels.   Some […]

Drug Prices, Oncology, and the Post-Covid Normal

Solutions to Key Issues from Top Brokers By Vandana Macha | July 2024  In May, a dozen leading brokers met in Texas to discuss some of the thorniest issues the employee benefits industry is facing:   Minimizing pharmaceutical costs   Implementing effective population health strategies   Addressing the challenges of the new world of work     These decision-makers belong […]

Sharing and Safeguarding Healthcare Data

Shared data is key to ensuring patients receive effective care – but raises the stakes for provider, payer, and vendor cybersecurity.  By Kate Purschke | May 2024  More than 10 weeks after the Change Healthcare cyberattack, patients, providers, and the US government are still learning about the causes and consequences of the incident. UnitedHealth Group […]

Waking Up from Point Solution Fatigue

Highlighting how vendors can stand out in a crowded marketplace   By Ian Jordan, Director of Consulting, and Cam Manning, Senior Investment Associate | May, 2024 The rise of employee benefit point solutions  In the evolving landscape of employer-sponsored healthcare, point solutions are now widely adopted. They exist to improve the health and wellness of an […]

What do Halle Berry and Gennev have in common?

They advocate for menopause education. By Shannon Cummings | May 2024 Last week, Academy Award-winning actress Halle Berry shouted, “I’m in menopause!” on Capitol Hill. She wasn’t performing a role though. She was advocating for the tens of millions of women like her— women who began perimenopause or menopause with insufficient medical information about what […]

Archetype Chief Technology Officer, Shahrukh Tarapore, Receives Philadelphia Business Journal 2023 Diversity in Business Honor

Headshot of Shahrukh Tarapore with the words, "Presented by Philadelphia Business Journal. 2023 Diversity in Business Honoree, Shahrukh Tarapore, Archetype Chief Technology Officer with Archetype logo

Congratulations to Shahrukh Tarapore, the Chief Technology Officer at Archetype, who has just been named a 2023 Diversity in Business Honoree by the Philadelphia Business Journal. This award is a testament to Shahrukh’s incredible professional achievements and his unwavering commitment to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the business world. With over two decades of […]

Archetype Client, ExecuThrive, Revolutionizes Well-Being Support for Busy Executives

Archetype’s Client, ExecuThrive, Revolutionizes Well-Being Support for Busy Executives Archetype consulting client, ExecuThrive, recently launched a well-being concierge service that provides high-end, high-touch support to executive teams. Recognizing the unique challenges busy executives face, ExecuThrive offers a comprehensive range of services, including physical, emotional, mental, and leadership support. The service is designed to help executives […]