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Our proven sales consulting leverages deep functional experience and vital industry connections in the healthcare, wellness, and HR solutions space.

Archetype - Consulting Services

Sales Strategy

Gain an insightful plan of action with a deep understanding of your target audience, market trends, and competitive positioning.

  • Go-to-Market Strategy​
  • Value Proposition Refinement​
  • Commercialization Strategy​
  • Long-Term Growth Planning​
  • Customer Journey Mapping​
  • Sales Pipeline Roadmap​
  • Sales Forecasting​
  • Customer Segmentation​
  • Target Market Identification

Customer Acquisition

Engrain the buyer’s journey in every aspect of your customer acquisition strategy and turn prospects into long-term brand advocates. 

  • Prospecting and Lead Generation​
  • Revenue Stream Diversification​
  • Strategic Partner Identification and Management​
  • Broker Channel Management​
  • Sales Outreach & Messaging

Sales Infrastructure

No lead is left behind with a consistent, efficient, and scalable sales process that drives growth and maximizes revenue.

  • Sales Methodology​
  • Sales Process and Playbook Development​
  • Sales Team Optimization and Training​
  • Organizational Integration​
  • Compensation Analysis ​
  • Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) Defining


Sales Enablement

Support your sales growth through optimized metrics, tools, and resources to ensure success.

  • Sales Tools Identification and Optimization​
  • Sales Enablement Materials (Pitch Decks, One-Pagers, etc.)​
  • Sales Cycle Optimization​
  • Workflow Mapping and Automation​
  • Sales Metrics and Analytics​
  • Sales Function Improvement

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