The 2021 Well-Being Trailblazer Awards

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The 2021 Well-Being Trailblazer Awards was co-hosted by Archetype Solutions Group and The Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) on July 14. The event was created to honor and celebrate well-being companies that have designed innovative products
Archetype Solutions Group and WELCOA recently co-hosted a roundtable with leading healthcare providers and the 2021 Well-Being Trailblazer Awardees LearnLux, Wellview and Peerfit on differentiation in the wellness space.
Obviously, COVID-19 turned everyone’s attention towards physical health. However, it also shed new light on mental and emotional health that had previously been lacking, especially in workplace policies and practices. 
Our most recent roundtable brought together a group of leading health insurance companies along with our 2021 Well-Being Trailblazers to discuss the key characteristics of successful wellness programs and the future of workplace well-being.

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