At Archetype Solutions Group, our portfolio-wide COVID-19 response has been focused on the goal of coming out of this crisis harder, better, faster, and stronger.
responding to covid-19

7 Ways Archetype’s Ecosystem is Responding to COVID-19

(Updated August 2020)


At Archetype Solutions Group, responding to COVID-19 has focused on the goal of coming out of this crisis harder, better, faster, and stronger.


During this unique time, we are inspired by the way our ecosystem of portfolio companies and partners have mobilized to do that, by providing others with new resources, telephonic solutions, and education.


Here’s how our ecosystem is approaching this challenging period.




Gennev has not only expanded its service to include Primary Care, but its Gynecology telemedicine services are now open to women of all ages in response to shelter-in-place mandates. Gennev is already known as a source for menopause care, and they are doing more to support the community by ensuring that even more women have access to the care they need.


Wellness Coaches USA has mobilized hundreds of Wellness Coaches and Registered Dietitians to be available virtually, at no cost under many health plans. Now, more than ever, Wellness Coaches USA feels that employees need personalized support to overcome stress and anxiety, boost their immune system through proper nutrition habits, and manage competing responsibilities at home.


MHS has curated a Digital Resource Toolkit to help employees adapt to working remotely. The toolkit includes psycho-education resources, treatment resources, guidance for families, resources for transitioning from home to school, and practitioner-specific resources.


Wisdom Labs has launched a free kit for employers to effectively alleviate the fear, uncertainty, and isolation their employees may be feeling during this time with a set of science-based solutions for mental, social, and emotional wellbeing. The kit includes premium access to the Wise@Work app for 30 days and access to Virtual Communities, weekly 30-minute gatherings designed to increase social connection and build mindfulness skills.



Beneration is offering free benefit enrollment audits for companies to ensure that their employees are accurately enrolled in the coverage they signed up for and can access the benefits they need. Email for more information.


WELCOA (Wellness Council of America) has developed a Health Promotion Professional Toolkit with 10 modules for navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. The toolkit is designed to be the go-to library of resources for HR and corporate health promotion professionals when managing workplace issues related to COVID-19.


You can also follow their 8-part series that is taking a deep dive into the basic human needs we should focus on as we make the workplace whole again.


All of these resources and more videos, courses, and best practices are available through their COVID-19 Resources site.



Habits at Work is offering their Virtual Masterclasses. The 2-hour sessions dive deeper into expert habits that can help accelerate your sales and customer success teams. Virtual Masterclasses are available individually or as part of a series, depending on which topic you choose.


We hope that you find these resources and new solutions helpful as you continue to work through any challenges that may come along during this unique time, and as most are free, we encourage you to share with anyone who may find them useful.


While the coming weeks will bring new challenges, we continue to look to them with vigor and confidence thanks to our team, our portfolio companies, and our partners. Our commitment to an ever-growing ecosystem remains as we continue to operationalize innovation.