We’re always on the lookout for exceptional candidates at Archetype, and we find them, of course, through interviews! Before the pandemic, 60% of recruiters were using video technology in their recruiting process, the Archetype team included.

How to Prepare for Your Live Video Interview

Published March 29, 2021 by Archetype Solutions Group

10 minute read


We’re always on the lookout for exceptional candidates at Archetype, and we find them, of course, through interviews! Before the pandemic, 60% of recruiters were using video technology in their recruiting process, the Archetype team included. Currently, 8 in 10 recruiters use video conferencing technology as part of their interview process and the number is growing. With more employers looking to connect to diverse candidates, video interviewing will not be going away.


Our crew has expanded significantly since the beginning of the pandemic thanks to virtual interviews, and we are still growing! In the vein of designing with empathy, one of our values, we have put together some video interview tips and advice so that you, the next potential Archetype Crew member, can perform at your best.





Live video interviews are much different from in-person interviews. One of the challenges with video interviewing is that you have less time to connect with your interviewers. In an in-person interview, you can often spend time chatting with your interviewer on the way to the conference room to develop rapport or discuss the office space as an ice breaker. Since this gap time is not available, it’s important to focus on the details of how you are presenting yourself.


Your behavior in the video interview can improve the interviewer’s impression of the time you spend together. When you’re interviewing virtually, it is important to focus on your mannerisms, environment, and ability to connect with your interviewers.


When answering questions, consider volume and tone. Speak clearly and at an appropriate volume. Remember: it is easy for the person watching you to get distracted since you aren’t in the same room. Make sure your enthusiasm and interest show through your tone of voice and facial expressions so that you keep their attention.


Eye contact is important. Remember to look at the camera lens, not your computer monitor. Strong eye contact further communicates a high level of engagement and focus. This is really important in virtual interviews because the rapport and body language that can be conveyed in-person is lost. So, the way to constantly convey that you’re engaged and focused is to keep that eye contact with the camera lens.


Be mindful of your background. In a survey performed by Harvard Business Review and Quantified 60% of the respondents said they had a preference for what they wanted to see or not see in a person’s background. Remember, when you’re interviewing, keep a distraction-free background, so we can just focus on you. If you are going with a virtual background, make sure it looks realistic so that it does not distract your interviewer.


Use sticky-notes. One good aspect of live video interviews is you can have notes around to remind yourself about certain things. However, do not solely rely on them when responding to questions, you will lose focus on connecting with the person on the other side of the screen. Sticky notes can also help you to remember to keep eye contact with the camera.





The second-largest challenge with video interviews is technology. There are always challenges that are out of your hands, sometimes the video platform really isn’t working or an emergency comes up and you need to reschedule. In these cases, you should always reach out to the person who set up the interview and let them know as soon as possible. At Archetype, we will understand and make accommodations to reschedule.


We’ve all grown accustomed to the headaches of bad Wi-Fi connections and the whims of Zoom, Skype, and Teams over the last year. However, a great interview can turn sour with too many technological mishaps. In business today, it’s expected that you know how to utilize video conferencing technology because it is essential to any role. These details will ensure you show your competence with video software.


Check your environment. Pick a quiet place to do your interview where you won’t be interrupted. Make sure the room is well-lit so that we can see you. Try not to sit in front of a window because it can make a shadow. You can also use a ring light and set it up on your computer to help with lighting.


Prep your technology. It’s best to do these types of interviews on your laptop. Silence all notifications and your nearby cell phone to avoid the inevitable buzz or ring while you’re speaking, just like you would during an in-person interview. Have a piece of paper and pen nearby just in case you need to jot something down.


Test Your Connection. Run a quick test to ensure your audio and video are fully functioning. Also, make sure you are in a location with a strong Wi-Fi connection.


Frame yourself correctly. Make sure we can see your whole face, and the camera is not angled too far up or too far down. Leave some space above and below your head and neck.





Incorporating the tips we’ve shared in your interview process and set up will help you show up with a strong foundation for your interview. If you want to take your interview to the next level it’s important to show up as yourself. Employers today are not only looking for strong candidates, but also diversity in thought, approach, and background. Don’t be afraid to express your passion for a skill or project and use examples when talking about your experience! You must practice your story. What do you want the interviewer to know that makes you uniquely fit for this role?


A good way to ensure that you leave a lasting impression on your interviewer is to ask unique questions. The questions you ask during an interview tell the interviewer a lot about who you are, your passions, your competency, and your career objectives. Which question do you think tells us more about you?


“What does the day-to-day look like in this role?”


“How has the pandemic changed the growth trajectory of your ventures?

Have you had to adapt your resources to meet new challenges?”


You should always come prepared for an interview having done your research on the company and prepared with specific questions. The more unique and specific your questions are, the more your interviewers are likely to remember you. When they ask you if you have any questions, use the opportunity to show them more of your expertise by asking a question related to a trend in your role, something you read about the company online, or reflect on a piece of information they shared with you during the interview.


As an organization dedicated to supercharging the growth of its partners, we value diverse inputs. The unique strengths each Archetype employee brings enables agility—another one of our values—allowing us to adapt to the needs of each partner and innovate faster. Showing up to an interview prepared to share your unique strengths and how they can be applied to the role is just as important as preparing yourself for the video interview. We look forward to seeing what you can bring to the Archetype Crew!