Our partner, a well-known non-profit in the workplace wellness arena was seeking to supercharge their sales efforts and increase revenue before the end of Q4

Sales Supercharge: Popular Non-Profit Seeks Increased Revenue in Q4

Every business has sales projections it hopes to meet by the end of Q4. Our partner, a well-known non-profit in the workplace wellness arena was seeking to supercharge their sales efforts and increase revenue before the end of Q4. They had noted an increase in engagement in their marketing and event efforts and wanted to ensure that no opportunity was missed before year’s end.


With less than 100 days left in 2019, Archetype’s sales development team set about scrubbing and analyzing thousands of leads in order to start intelligent outreach efforts and drive that revenue in the most efficient ways possible.


Tyler Kaufman

Head of Sales


Caleb Smith



Mike Washington





As a non-profit, this organization focused mainly on generating resources for education like webinars, articles, and events. Their product is a yearly subscription that enables individuals in the HR, wellness, and benefits management spaces to gain access to specialized resources as well as early access to high-value events. Competitively, it is a cost-effective solution for professional development.


Our partner’s lead pool was made up of mostly large lists in the tens of thousands and was only categorized by current clients approaching renewal, recently expired clients, marketing generated or event leads, and newsletter subscribers.




Archetype used its sales development expertise to organize our partner’s lead list and craft unique outreach strategies. One of our values is to make rational decisions, so we pride ourselves on our due diligence. In exploring the large lead lists provided by our partner our sales development team discovered a great deal of overlap in each category which created a major opportunity for increasing sales. However, to benefit from that overlap they first needed to sort, tag, and upload the new lists into our CRM so they could enrich and profile each lead to create smart outreach methods.


They enriched the lead data using our unique scraping method, pulling intel on each lead’s company size, role, and seniority. Then each lead was profiled and scored based on their engagement and overall likelihood to convert. Those scores informed the sales messaging, cadence, and outreach priorities accordingly.


Here is a high-level outline for how each lead was categorized and funneled into their own unique outreach strategy.

The enriched data and profiling allowed for unique messages to be created based on each contact’s needs or interests. A seven-step sales sequence was used for outreach that married an email campaign with follow-up sales calls and social media outreach.


Overall, this process yielded great results for our partner, but more importantly, our sales development team was able to identify overlaps in their current lead pool and create account-based outreach and promotion. This process now enables our partner to create increased revenue from customers who were already familiar with and enjoy their resources, rather than having to source, educate, and close new ones.


In all, our sales development team worked with our partner’s leads lists for 4 months and were able to accomplish the following.

Total revenue driven: $120,000+

Total meetings scheduled: 286