Archetype Invests in Kith + Kin, a Collaborative Health App

Kith + Kin empowers individuals to securely update, store, and share important health information.

Philadelphia, PA (March 28, 2022)Archetype, a Philadelphia-based consulting and venture capital firm, announces its investment in Kith + Kin, a first-of-its-kind collaborative health app.

“Archetype believes in a new way of managing health and health information. We could not be more excited about Kith + Kin and the journey we have in front of us as we grow and build a patient-centric approach together. We welcome the Kith + Kin team to the Archetype ecosystem!” said Shahrukh Tarapore, Chief Technology Officer, Archetype.

Kith + Kin – One Place for You and Your Circle

Kith + Kin collaborative health app screenshot with callouts of mock conversations with app platformKith + Kin is a first-of-its-kind collaborative health app that allows people to simply and securely author, store, organize and flexibly share the right information with the right people at the right time, and finally manage health the way they manage life. Healthcare is more than medication management and complicated health records. Kith + Kin empowers individuals to take control of the health and life of their loved ones and themselves.

  • Stay organized and collaborate from anywhere. No more notebooks, binders, and pictures. Use a single tool to store sensitive information about your health.
  • Get support from those you trust the most. Share only the information you want with the people you trust and ask for your circle’s support when you need it most.
  • Store sensitive information securely. Kith + Kin protects the privacy and security of user data while empowering safe sharing and collaboration on selected information.


Jill Michal, CEO and Founder, Kith + Kin, said, “At Kith + Kin, we’re excited to have built a first of its kind digital health solution to support anyone dealing with health issues or supporting and coordinating care for others. Archetype recognized the unique nature of our solution, and their partnership and investment will be critical drivers of Kith + Kin’s growth and impact. I’m thrilled to be building something that matters so much to so many and excited to empower people to be first-class citizens in their healthcare.”

About Archetype

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